5 Tips To Unclog Your Toilet

5 Tips To Unclog Your Toilet

5 Tips To Unclog Your Toilet

5 tips to Unclog Your Toilet Without a Plunger

The world’s most common fears include: heights, clowns, enclosed spaces, and needing to unclog a toilet when there isn’t a plunger nearby.

It always happens at the most inconvenient time–at your in-laws’ house, during a work meeting, during a holiday, on a date…

We wouldn’t wish the panic of rising water with no solution on anyone.

That’s why we’ve detailed the best ways to unclog a toilet without a plunger below.


It’s important to differentiate between the two here.

Hot water will unclog the toilet by melting away the blockage.

Boiling water can cause toilet bowl ceramic to crack… which is a much more irritating issue to deal with.

Get as big a bucket you can handle and fill it with not-quite-boiling water.

The movement of the water combined with the heat will help remove and flush the clog.


They design dish soap to break down grease and other food waste it comes into contact with. Because of this, it’s almost just as effective at breaking down toilet clogs.

If you have the time to let it sit and wait, dish soap can help to unclog a toilet.

Squeeze at least a cup of dish soap into the toilet bowl and let it sit for thirty to forty minutes.

After that, check to see if the water has started to lower in the bowl, which is a sign that the soap is working.

If the water is lowering, then you can feel comfortable trying to flush!


Epsom salt isn’t something that everyone has on hand, but if you have it lying around, it can work in a pinch.

When poured into a bowl, it creates a chemical reaction that can help unclog and clear drains. Give it about fifteen minutes to do its thing before you attempt to flush again.


This is for desperate, last-ditch efforts only.

Hold the handle, push the brush into the drain hole, and start to pull your arm back and forth. Don’t get too over-exuberant to the point of harming the toilet, but do get vigorous.

This can be a gross, so we recommend wearing gloves or old clothes in case of splashing.

 If nothing else works, it might just be time to call on the plumbing professionals employed at 247 Plumber Pretoria.

We’re always standing by to answer your call!

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