What Causes Sewage to Back Up

What Causes Sewage to Back Up

What Causes Sewage to Back Up?

Sewage backups can be caused by a number of issues with your plumbing system.

Fundamentally, sewage will back up whenever wastewater is unable to pass through your pipes and sewer line.

Here’s a closer look at:

The most common causes of sewage backups

How to know when you’re dealing with a sewage backup

What to do when sewage backs up into your home

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Anything from grease and food to hair and small objects can create blockages in your pipes and sewer line.

These clogs can slow down or stop the flow of wastewater through your plumbing system, causing backups.

Cracked sewer lines:

When sewer lines crack due to:

Age, dirt settling, tree roots, or any external damage, dirt and rocks can enter the line, creating a blockage that can cause sewage to back up into your home.

Broken or collapsed sewer lines:

If a sewer line is completely severed or collapses, wastewater will be unable to get where it needs to go.

Some may start to run off into the dirt, but the majority of it will stay in the line and build up there, again, causing a backup.

Tree root infiltration:

Tree roots will gravitate toward water and nutrients, including nutrients that seep from sewer lines. If there are any slight cracks in sewer lines, tree roots can start to grow through these cracks, opening them up and creating a blockage that causes a backup.

Problems with the municipal sewer system:

When the city’s sewer line is unable to accept wastewater coming from your home’s sewer line, backups can also happen.

Usually, this occurs when municipal sewer systems are overwhelmed with runoff water after heavy rains.


If you see or smell sewage coming up through any of your home’s drains, you likely have sewage backing up into your home.

Other signs of sewage backups can include:

  • Bubbling or gurgling drains or toilets
  • Clogs in multiple drains, especially the lowest ones in your home
  • Plumbing fixtures experiencing backups when a different fixture is used, like sewage backing up into your tub after you flush a toilet or when you use your shower
  • Backups in your basement (or in first-floor fixtures if you don’t have a basement) when you use water in other areas of your home


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